What is coalescing?

In extremely cold regions, the water in rivers, ponds, etc. gets frozen and changes into ice. On this ice, how is it possible for the people to slide with the help of a special type of footwear known as ice-skates? Can you explain the reason behind it?

Take a 50cm long piece of metallic wire (it can be a fuse wire or any other wire of lesser gauge but quite sturdy). Tie one pencil each on both the ends. These will work as handles for you and will help you, in keeping the wire taut.

Now take a small wooden plank and place on it a big piece of ice. Place the wire on the ice-piece in such a way that one pencil remains hanging on each side of the plank. Now hold the pencils in each of your hands and pull them slowly downwards. See, what happens. The wire starts cutting the ice and begins to go down, and after a while, goes across the whole piece of ice to reach its bottom. But surprisingly, the ice does not get divided into two separate parts. Though the pressure of the wire goes on melting and cutting the ice, yet the moment the wire penetrates the ice piece, the two parts of ice immediately coalesce and freeze. What actually happens is that the pressure produces heat and melts the ice. The moment the pressure is removed, the heat dissipates and, hence, the coalescing of the separated ice blocks and their refreezing becomes possible. In the game of ice-skating, the weight of the entire body of the skater gets concentrated on the iron strips fixed below the ice skates; which exerts pressure on the ice and produces heat. This heat melts the ice, and the water thus got from the melted ice starts acting as a lubricant to help the skates slide.

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