Water acts like a thin film

 Some very small insects can be seen moving with great ease on the surface of water. How are they able to move on the surface of a liquid?

Place a big bowl on a table and fill it with water. When the water in it becomes still, place a needle

horizontally on the water level, very carefully and watch the happening. If the needle has been placed with due caution, you will be surprised to see that it keeps on floating on the water surface. If it sinks, do not get disheartened. Try again. Now you can do one more thing. This time take a piece of tissue paper, float it on the water surface and then place the needle on it. The paper will sink automatically the moment it gets thoroughly soaked but the needle will continue to float.

Do you know the reason why the needle floats? In fact, the surface of water acts as a thin film which is known as the surface tension. The molecules in water attract each other and the molecules on the surface get attracted closer in comparison to the ones below the surface. In this way, the strong forces of attraction among the molecules present on the surface of the water prevent the sinking of the needle. It is the same strong attraction which forms a sort of platform by creating a film-like effect on the water surface on which small insects can be observed sauntering with ease.

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