Why wind blows and how?

Everyone knows that the wind blows. But how? What is the reason of its motion? 

To do this experiment, first of all, make a wind-wheel. Take a sheet of paper of the size, 30 cm x 30 cm and draw two lines joining the corners diagonally. Taking that point as centre where these two lines intersect, draw a circle of 10 cm radius. Then take a pair of scissors and cut the portion of the 4 lines lying outside the circle. Now bring the tip of each of the corners to the centre of the circle and stick them there. Pivot the wheel on a pin stuck into a piece of wood. Your wind-wheel is now ready to rotate.

Hold this wind-wheel some 50 cm above a burning furnace or angithi, or a heater or any other source of heat and see what happens. The wind-wheel starts rotating on its own, doesn't it? But why does it stop when removed from the source of heat? Do you know the reason?

When the air expands on heating, its molecules get dispersed by the heat and it becomes light. Whereas the portion of the air that does not come in contact with the heat, remains heavy and slides itself down by pushing the warm and light air, higher up. In this way, a cyclic motion is created which imparts speed to the air and also to the rotation of the wind-wheel.

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