Why we feel cold when we are wet?

Can you tell why we feel colder when air touches our body soon after taking a bath?

Take a small piece of cotton. Dip it in water and rub it gently over your palm. It will become wet. First of all, you will feel its wetness only, but after a few seconds, you will experience a cool sensation on that part of your hand. Do you know the reason? You already know that when evaporation takes place, the liquid derives heat from everything that comes in its contact. So it must be quite clear that the heat is being absorbed from that part of your hand where the evaporation is taking place. The resulting loss of temperature at that particular part will cause the feeling of coolness.

Now take some spirit instead of water in the cotton and dab it gently on your hand. You will feel the difference. You will feel a much cooler sensation on that part of your hand where you have applied spirit than before. The evaporation of spirit takes place much quicker than that of water and, therefore, it needs heat more quickly. This is why, the intensity of the feeling of cold is more profound than before.
Now, you must have understood why we feel colder after taking a bath. On a wet body, the evaporation takes place as usual, but owing to its contact with air, it takes place at a faster pace, resulting in more loss of heat from the body, with the result that the temperature of the body surface comes down in this process of evaporation and we feel colder. So have you followed the cause behind it?

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