What is evaporation?

To understand this, do a minor and the most ordinary type of experiment. Take three identical saucers and keep them at a place, quite close to one another. Now pour one spoonful of water in one saucer, two spoonfuls in the second and three spoonfuls in the third one, and continue observing them at frequent intervals.

After sometime, you will observe that the saucer having one spoonful of water gets emptied first of all, followed by the second saucer with two spoonfuls of water and lastly, the third saucer having three spoonfuls of water.

The process which makes the water slowly turn into vapour, on its own, at the atmospheric (room ) temperature is called evaporation. However, this takes place only from the surface of the liquid. This fact can also be verified by an experiment.

For it, you require a saucer, a tumbler and an open-mouthed, narrow and long bottle. Pour two spoonfuls of water in each vessel and keep them together at a place. They all have equal quantity of water but do they get emptied together? No? Then keep on observing as to which one gets emptied first.

First of all, the saucer will become empty, followed by the tumbler and lastly, the bottle, which proves that the more the area of the surface of the liquid, the more will be the evaporation.

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