Test your lungs stamina

 This experiment will not only determine the power of your lungs, but its regular practice will prove to be a good exercise to tone up your entire respiratory system. Take a big shallow bowl and fill it with water to about 5 to 7 cm in height. Then take an open-mouthed big bottle or ajar, fill it fully with water and tighten its cover quite firmly. Now, hold the bottle upside down, immerse it in the water in the bowl and remove its cover. Mark the level of water inside the bottle and tilt the bottle to one side. You will need a hollow rubber tube whose one end should be inserted inside the inverted bottle, leaving the other end hanging freely outside the bowl.

Now, be ready yourself to measure the power of your lungs. Inhale as deeply as you can and then blow the air forcefully inside the free end of the tube by your mouth. Observe simultaneously the volume of water you can displace and fill in the air instead. Mark this level of water also. The difference between the two marks shall determine the capacity of your lungs. But be careful that while blowing the air inside the tube, you do not either break your breath or inhale.

If by its regular practice for a few days you find the difference between the two marks increasing, deem it that you are getting the due benefit, from this exercise.

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