Is an empty bottle really empty?

Take an empty glass bottle and remove its cap. Hold it upside down and immerse it into a vessel filled with water. Now watch the activity carefully. Water enters the bottle and rises up only upto a certain point. Now immerse the bottle deeper in the water. But, what is this? The level of water inside the bottle remains unchanged, while the level of water outside the bottle rises up gradually. Can you understand the reason? It is quite apparent from this experiment that there is definitely something inside the bottle which is preventing the water from entering it. What else can this invisible thing be except the air itself?

Now do one thing. Tilt the bottle a little to one side. Oh! What's this? The bubbles coming out of the mouth of the bottle are rushing noisily to the surface and meeting their end by bursting out there. These bubbles are of air only.

The air trapped inside the bottle gets an opportunity to escape when the bottle is tilted to one side, causing the water to fill the vacuum thus created by the exit of air.

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