Homemade barometer, how to make this- Science mug experiment

 The device used for measuring the atmospheric pressure is called a barometer. Why don't you make one yourself and see how it works and measures the atmospheric pressure?

Lets start the experiment

Take a wide-mouthed bottle and stretch the neck of a balloon clamping it on its mouth. Bind it also with the help of a rubber band in such a way that the balloon is fully stretched on the mouth of the bottle. Now, take a drinking straw and attach one end of it on the centre of the stretched balloon with 'Quick-fix' (an adhesive agent). Then, continue to hold the straw in the same position till the 'Quick-fix' gets dry. After accomplishing this, you have to do only one more job — to set a white strip of cardboard by the side of the bottle in such a way that it remains standing upright, just behind the free end of the straw. Graduate this cardboard strip with the marks indicating 'high and low' degree signs. Now, your barometer is ready. 

As you know, when the atmospheric pressure is high, it will exert a similar pressure in all the directions. So much so, that the pressure on all the sides of the bottle will be equal, causing slight deflation in the balloon towards the inside of the bottle. This in turn will put pressure on the attached end of the straw and its other end will rise higher to indicate the increase in the pressure.

On the contrary, if the atmospheric pressure decreases, the balloon will not be deflated. But if the pressure becomes so low as to be even less than the air pressure inside the bottle, it will inflate the balloon and the free end of the straw, quite obviously, will indicate the decrease in the atmospheric pressure.

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