Has air any weight?- Science mug experiment

 The air has weight—to prove this fact by an experiment may seem to you the most difficult task so far.

Quite possibly it might prove to be the easiest one also, so easy that you may not even enquire about it! Because, it is such a type of an experiment, if once its basic concept enters your brain, you will find it very easy. Otherwise, you may waste your whole day ruminating over it.

First take two balloons, a string and a bamboo stick, about one metre long. Tie the string exactly at the middle point of the stick and hang the stick high up somewhere so that it remains in a horizontal position, when hanging freely. Take two balloons, inflate them almost equally and tie them with strings of equal length.

After you have done this, tie the strings oi one of the balloons to one end of the stick and make a loose knot in the string of the other balloon, so that, by adjusting the knot on the stick, you can bring the stick back to the horizontal position.

The horizontal position of the stick shows that both the balloons have equal weight. Now take a pin and prick one of the balloons. The balloon will burst with a bang and the air in it will escape, causing the stick to tilt to one side. Thus, this proves that air has weight. As the air goes out of the balloon, that end of the stick having the inflated balloon tilts, as its weight is now not countered by the burst balloon. Nothing has changed except that the air of one of the balloons has gone out and so it is not contributing to keeping the stick balanced in a horizontal position.

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