Effect of heat on air- Science mug experiment

 To conduct this experiment, you will need a flask type bottle with cork or rubber stopper and a slender tube. Drill a hole in the cork and insert the tube through the hole. Then fix the cork along with the tube tightly on the mouth of the bottle. Lac or grease can be used to make the joints air-tight. Keep one thing in your mind that the thinner the glass of the bottle, the better will be the success of the experiment.

Now, turn the bottle upside down and hold it in such a way that the other end of the tube remains immersed in the water kept in some vessel. Now, ask one of your friends or a member of your family to rub his hands and hold the bottle. You will see some bubbles rushing from the mouth of the tube to the surface of the water and bursting out there.

Now, do one thing more! Take a piece of cloth spread out in the sun and fold it to wrap it around the bottle. See, what happens? What do you say? Some more bubbles come from the mouth of the tube and appear on the water surface. Don't they?

It is so because the heat of the hands or the warmth piece of the cloth permeates through the air inside the bottle to cause it to expand. That part of the expanded air which cannot be contained in the bottle comes out through the tube and can be seen in the form of bubbles.

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