Air expands on heating- Science Mug experiment

 For this experiment, you will need a flask—a special type of glass vessel—which you can easily procure from any shop dealing in laboratory equipments. You are already seeing its shape in the adjoining illustration.

In previous the experiment also, you will do well if you use a flask instead of an ordinary bottle. Fix a balloon on the mouth of the flask and then heat the flask, slowly. Now tell me, what will happen? If you have carefully followed the earlier experiments, you can easily tell without any hesitation that the balloon will inflate as it fills with air. But from where the air which fills the balloon come?

The answer is very simple, isn't it? It always seems so when you have comprehended the phenomenon fully. It must be quite clear from the earlier experiments that air expands when heated. The same is the reason here as well. When the flask is heated, the air inside it expands and as it needs more room in this condition, it goes out of flask the and inflates the balloon.

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